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The skills required to turnaround and restructure a business are multiple and draw on elements of strategic planning, financial management, forecasting, stakeholder management and operational improvement.  Whilst management can prove themselves capable of running a steady state business, when competing elements of distress are introduced it can be difficult to know the best route to take.


Preston Advisory

At Preston Advisory, we have worked with distressed businesses for 19 years advising, shaping, restructuring and taking hands-on management roles to enable businesses to return to profitability and cash generation as quickly and painlessly as possible.


We advocate a quick response to distress, an honest appraisal of the circumstances and a clear, robust strategy for turnaround that all stakeholders can buy into.


We can work alongside existing management as an adviser or join the team on an interim basis to drive a turnaround project forward - whichever works best for the business.


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