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Operational improvement strategies can take many forms ranging from time and motion studies, full site reorganisations through to ‘just working harder’.  However, many of these strategies are costly, time-consuming and impractical in the SME market – particularly with competing demands for scarce resources.


Once a new strategy is identified, changing existing procedures and processes is stressful - as is ensuring staff buy into the changes.  The implementation of change requires a firm but sensitive approach that can backfire if not handled appropriately.  


Preston Advisory

At Preston Advisory, operational improvement means working smarter within the constraints of the time and capital that management has.  Measuring and quantifying current performance, identifying key drivers of success, isolating areas of wastage and motivating under-performing staff form the back-bone of longer term performance improvement.


At all stages, Preston Advisory can sit alongside management and guide the identification and implementation of operational improvements to ensure that a difficult process is rendered as smooth as possible.


Operational improvement